To the new year / News about Project SNaPwürZ

“Fundamentally, it is always the connection with other people that give life its worth.“
Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 bis 1835)

A heartfelt thank you for your trust and the delightful cooperation.  May your new year be filled with contentment, health, happiness and optimism.  We wish you a merry Christmas and a successfull 2024.

2023 was a very eventful and successful year for us, highlighted by the “DLG-Agrifuture Concept Winner 2023” prize awarded at the agritechnica 2023, which we received as part of the cooperation with our partners AMAZONE, EXA Computing, geo-konzept, Hanse-Agro, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the start-up AgDoIT. This award and our involvement in the EIP-Agri project SNaPwürZ set the course for our further increased involvement in the field of OFR/PiG trials for agronomic practice, including methodological developments in the coming year.

The amazing response to our EXAgT Observator during agritechnica 2023 brought us new partners in the field of application and potential further development extending beyond Germany’s borders.

Our developments in the practical application of remote sensing data for agronomic purposes are continuing and we will report on them here.

News about Project SNaPwürZ

Translation: smart, sustainable, precise, repeatable, transferable and resilient – Agriculture under the changing conditions of the future

Chances through digital innovations in On Farm Research and precise trials

The first meeting of the Operational Group (OG) took place on 13 December in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. A total of 18 people took part in this hybrid event, including OG members, external speakers and guests. The event was characterised by short keynote speeches and open discussions.

Prof Dr Ute Kropf from Kiel University of Applied Sciences kicked off the event with a pitch on field trials at Lindenhof. She focussed on the technical aspects of field trials, and the presence of the trial technicians contributed to an in-depth discussion about the current challenges in planning and implementing precision trials.

Mr Bastian Brandenburg from R&D Centre FH Kiel GmbH gave an insight into the farm knowledge infrastructure as a knowledge transfer platform ( He explained the structure of the infrastructure and how Farmwissen can serve as the main channel for publishing the project results of the OG SNaPwürZ and create a wider reach.

Mr Moritz Gassan from EXAgT GmbH reported on the current status of the experimental guide for on-farm research. Although the project is still at an early stage, the guideline is already well advanced.

Christoph Ratke presented the terms of reference for the on-farm research toolbox, thereby initiating the discussion. This then moved on to practical experimental questions and the challenges in practical agriculture when implementing on-farm experiments. The practitioners present provided important suggestions for overcoming these obstacles and helped to concretise the experimental plans.

Sebastian Ramm, R&D Centre FH Kiel GmbH

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