Application maps for growth regulators / Project “Boniturschwarm” (assessment swarm)

Starting this year, we have been using our expertise not only to plan application maps for fertilisation, but also for growth regulators. As with N fertilisation, this is based on satellite data. As usual with EXAgT, we support you with our professional plus technical expertise from planning/data collection to reading into the terminal and application. The use of the method is also accompanied by large plot trials (OFR/PiG).

Figure 1: Trial design for large plot trial of growth regulator
Experimental treatments constant, variable by satellite and map

Project “Boniturschwarm” (assessment swarm)

The joint project “Boniturschwarm” of the TU Dresden, Chair of Agricultural Systems Technology and EXAgT GmbH will start on April 1, 2024 as part of the DMPL.

EXAgT has been using commercially available drones with multispectral cameras for several years for field assessments in monitoring/analysing field trials.

The time-critical use of drones in agricultural crop protection practice is currently hampered by the low productivity of drone use due to the technically limited flight times and the effort involved in photogrammetric analysis.

The use of larger, more powerful and automated drone solutions requires the use of very expensive technology, expensive insurance, highly qualified drone pilots and changes in legislation; “casual use” by a crop production specialist is no longer affordable.

One solution would be the simultaneous use of several drones, either in parallel for faster work completion or hierarchically (e.g. one drone provides the overview at a higher altitude to detect “defect areas”, the other(s) do the ” detailed work” at a lower altitude). Photogrammetric (pre-)processing of the images in the field would greatly reduce the overall processing time and thus enable site-specific crop protection applications on short notice.

The productive use of a drone swarm for field assessment by a ” standard” agronomist would promote the use of remote sensing technology for the effective use and saving of plant pesticides.

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