Challenges in the autumn satellite scan in late autumn 2023, you can still join!

Since 2017, we have been successfully offering our “N fertilisation according to the measurement of N uptake by satellite in autumn” service for winter oilseed rape and winter wheat/barley/rye. This is based on cloud-free Sentinel-2 satellite measurement data before dormancy and reference measurements of N uptake in the crop.

How was the availability of such data this year? For our customers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there was good quality data on 23 October 2023; this was also the case for Eastern Saxony on 30 October 2023.

Figure 1: Sentinel-2 RGB image from 23 October 2023 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

This was more difficult in other locations, such as west of Dresden/Erzgebirge. We had carried out our reference measurements on the ground here in late autumn; we were only able to use satellite data from 17.12.2023. Since the cold period at the end of November/beginning of December 2023 had hardly any influence on the crops of oilseed rape/winter cereals, even due to the snow cover, this was possible without any problems!

Figure 2: Sentinel-2 RGB image west of Dresden/Erzgebirge from 09/11/2023 left vs. RGB image from 17/12/2023

The search for cloud-free images of our customers’ fields in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia was also very time-consuming this year, and we are proud that we were able to find them for all areas, sometimes through painstaking detective work!

The N-absorption maps and calculation tables have been finalised this week and will be sent to our customers from Monday!

Get on board now!

We now have cloud-free satellite data throughout eastern Germany at the end of 2023 and can now also create N uptake maps for winter oilseed rape and winter cereals and use them as a basis for fertilisation in spring 2024, a spreading map can be created at short notice!

If time is short, fertilise a constant N1a application (also for sulphur supply, see below), the next application can then be differentiated with an application map.

If there were problems with the sensor recordings in autumn, difficulties with the generation of spread maps, if you need personal advice from agronomy to application technology, please contact us!

Ask us, we look forward to your tasks! Our speciality is farm-specific solutions, we value you and your challenges =;-).

Our contact details are:

+49 (0) 176 72588814, +49 (0) 34324 269737

+49 (0) 173 352 8960, +49 (0) 34324 269739

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